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Dry Cleaning

Dry Cleaning in Chennai

Dry cleaning is the most popular service for cleaning your silks, woollens, wedding outfits and designer wear. Dry cleaning uses chemicals to remove dirt from your clothes instead of other services like machine washing or water washing, etc., which involves using detergent-based powders with water to clean clothes. 

At Laundrybus, we use non-toxic chemicals to ensure a skin-friendly and environmentally responsible cleaning process at our factory in Chennai. This process helps produce better results as the chemicals can remove stains with ease without disturbing the fabric. 

Dry cleaning is one of the most tried-and-tested ways to remove stains when nothing else works. 

Types of Stains: 

Tannin, found in tea and mud, is notoriously difficult to get out with regular soaps or detergents. We can help you with this problem by using spot removal treatments with protein-based agents, which will ensure all traces of your stain are removed with professional care. 

Other troublesome stains like sweat and blood, oil or grease, etc.,

could ruin the fabric fibres and permanently change their texture, but your clothes are handled with care during dry cleaning.

Quick Guide for Dry Cleaning Services:

  • Suitable clothes: Silks, Woolens, Designer wears
  • Priced per item. The prices vary based on the type of item. Please refer to our pricing chart.
  • Dry cleaned used special machines and speciality solvents.
  • Stain removal & spot treatment
  • Colour fastening
  • Starching as per requirement
  • Steam Pressed
  • Travel/Wardrobe friendly packaging
  • Not ideal for: Some synthetic fabrics made of PVC / polyurethane or plastic items which may melt.

If a soiled quilt or duvet seems to be causing you problems, then look no further than Laundrybus for help. Dry cleaning clothes and getting them steamed and pressed to perfection is also part of this service; your garments will be folded up in a travel-friendly way and returned to you ready for use.

Our techniques combined with our professional training will ensure all your items look as good as new!

If you want to know more about our dry cleaning service or any other service, give us a call at 98846 59922. We’ll be glad to help you out.