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Saree Rolling and Polishing

Saree Rolling

Saree Rolling in Chennai

If you love sarees, and your main concern is how to clean or maintain your gorgeous sarees, then Laundrybus is the solution to all your problems related to saree maintenance. We undertake saree cleaning & saree roll press services for both silk & non-silk sarees.

Silk sarees are delicate and difficult to maintain, but we at Laundrybus understand that there is much more to these elegant garments than meets the eye. If you’re the proud owner of a silk saree, we guarantee that it will be in stellar condition when we’re done with it, and we guarantee it will look absolutely spectacular! We have taken it upon ourselves to explore the many options available in this realm and, in turn, present to you our automatic roll press and polishing service.

Roll Polishing is a process specific to silk sarees. It involves using a roller with a metal beading that goes over the fabric to remove wrinkles from the surface of the cloth without changing its intrinsic nature. This process preserves their lustre and beauty without affecting their natural durability.

Roll Press is a process applied to cotton and sarees pressed with starch that removes wrinkles while not harming their natural elegance and leaving their softness intact. 

Quick Guide for Saree Rolling and Polishing Services:

  • Suitable for: Silk, Cotton, Silk-Cotton sarees.
  • Priced per item. The prices vary based on the type of fabric. Please refer to our pricing chart.
  • Custom Starching services based on requests. 

As part of the saree rolling process, each saree is rolled tightly to ensure a crease-free texture. Each saree will be pressed by heat on the felt-lined calendars, ensuring that heat comes into contact with sarees for 2 seconds only as otherwise, too much heat can damage natural fibres. 

This process differs from a local dhobi, who irons clothes along the folds numerous times, causing multiple creases due to ironing at high temperatures. 

For regular wear sarees, you can choose steam ironing instead of saree rolling.

We can also starch the sarees before rolling them based on your requirement. We pay attention to these small details as part of our saree rolling service.

If you want to know more about saree rolling and polishing service or any other service, give us a call at 98846 59922. We’ll be glad to help you out.