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Soft Toy Cleaning

Soft Toy Cleaning

Soft Toy Cleaning in Chennai

Babies explore the world by tasting and touching, and they like to drool on their toys. As a new parent, you’ve probably had to clean your baby’s toys more times than you can remember – but we go one step further. You never know what germs and dirt your child might be picking up – especially if their immune system is compromised. 

That’s why we disinfect and sanitize stuffed and fabric toys, and we do it with the knowledge that your loved one will be snuggling and cuddling those soft toys every day. We use antibacterial agents as well as high-temperature drying so that those little germs don’t stand a chance – because we want to make sure your loved one stays as healthy as possible!

We know how much children love stuffed toys and how attached they get to them. We have a specialized process that uses high-temperature drying to remove sweat, hair, and other contaminants from the toy. 

In terms of washing fabric toys, we focus on keeping them soft and fluffed up for our children to love all over again. 

If your child’s favourite toy is battery-operated, don’t worry – we spot clean these items if possible because they do not fare well in the wet wash or dry cleaning.

Quick Guide for Toy Cleaning Services:

  • Suitable for: Fabric toys, soft toys, etc.
  • Priced per item. The prices vary based on the size. 
  • Stain removal and sanitization.
  • Only spot cleaning is possible for battery-operated toys.
  • Get in touch with your nearest outlet for custom requests.

If you want to know more about our Toy cleaning service or any other service, give us a call at 98846 59922. We’ll be glad to help you out.