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Shoe Laundry

Shoe Laundry

Shoe Laundry in Chennai

Shoes take a lot of abuse. The amount of wear and tear they sustain from being used regularly can leave you with a pair that looks pretty much destroyed, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Shoes can be professionally cleaned by a skilled technician using the latest cleaning technologies to restore their original look and lustre so that you don’t have to let your shoes suffer any longer just because they’re dirty or old.

If you’ve had a hike or gone for a run, then you might be put off from wearing it the next time. You might not prefer not to present yourself in front of others with soiled footwear. Shoes get dirty over time with use, but you can get them professionally cleaned and restore them to look as clean as they were new.

How long has it been since you cleaned your shoes? As we walk in the streets, we pick up infectious germs that could be transferred to our families and friends when we return home. You can protect yourself and your family from the risk of such infections by just cleaning your footwear.

At Laundrybus, we offer a shoe cleaning service that uses industrial strength cleaning agents that are safe for your shoes and remove even the toughest stains.  Also, your shoes are sanitised and cleaned of all dirt and germs.

Let us make sure your leather shoes gleam and shine the night before an important event instead of having to wear dull, lifeless pairs! Also, if you happen to be planning on giving your beloved worn-out shoes a second life, it helps to have them shining their brightest with our shoe laundry service.

We provide an array of shoe cleaning services. All the necessary equipment, cleaning agents and shoe cleaning products are used to clean your shoes. We clean the insoles, the uppers, soles and heels of your shoes. Our shoe cleaning services further include cleaning the shoelaces separately to be as good as new. The last step is polishing, which brings your shoes to a brilliant shine. We ensure that all of your shoes are safely returned to you, leaving you satisfied with the results. 

We also provide cleaning services for sports shoes, canvas shoes, sneakers, leather shoes, suede and nubuck shoes.

Quick Guide for Shoe Cleaning Services:

  • Suitable for: sports shoes, canvas shoes, sneakers, leather shoes, suede and nubuck shoes.
  • Priced per pair of shoes. The prices vary based on the type of shoe. 
  • Stain removal and sanitisation.
  • Restore shine and lustre.
  • Get in touch with your nearest outlet for custom requests.

If you want to know more about our shoe cleaning service or any other service, give us a call at 98846 59922. We’ll be glad to help you out.