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Wash and Fold

Wash & Fold

Wash and Fold services in Chennai

We will wash, dry, fold and neatly pack your laundry. You can choose our wash and fold services for regular wear clothes or for fabrics that don’t need ironing, for example, synthetic fabrics. 

In these services, clothes are cleaned in the machine using our custom soap earmarked with antibacterial properties, gently tumbled dry, folded with love and custom air-dried with the aid of modern-day scientific machines. 

Wash & fold services are taken on a kilogram basis and are the cheapest option available for large amounts of garments that need cleaning. 

If you are worried about your daily-wear clothes getting ruined by washing them regularly at home, look no further because this service offers inexpensive laundry alternatives. 

The average cost usually runs within the same margins as takeaway dinners. If done properly can produce similar results in terms of cleanliness depending on what kind of detergent is used. Average pricing starts from —-. 

Quick Guide for Wash and Fold Services:

  • Suitable clothes: Regular / Daily wear, Gym wear, Casual clothes, synthetic fabrics like nylon.
  • Priced in Kilograms as the volume of garments are more.
  • Machine washed, and hand folded.
  • Not suitable for: Home linen, Silk, Designer wear, Fabrics that get wrinkled easily.

We don’t accept home linens for this service because they are generally not treated/cleaned as frequently as clothing. They may require hot water or industrial cleaning solutions to make them safe for use and get the best results.

Designer wears, silks etc., are also not accepted under machine wash as this service doesn’t clean these garments properly.

If you want to know more about wash and fold service or any other service, give us a call at 98846 59922. We’ll be glad to help you out.