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Darning / Mending services


Darning services in Chennai

We all love clothes that look great, regardless of their age or state of repair. However, when they need mending, we tend to throw them out. The vast majority of garments can be salvaged and enjoyed for years to come if you can darn the damaged areas to fix them.

 Laundrybus is a company with a unique fabric repair process in which they use a blend of top-of-the-range technology and traditional techniques to get your clothes looking just like new. 

Visit your local Laundrybus branch, and our highly skilled fabric experts can repair rips and tears in a way that is both virtually undetectable and long-lasting. No more discarding any of your favourite garments.  

Quick Guide for Darning Services:

  • Suitable for: Silk, Cotton, Wool, Denim
  • Priced per item based on the quantum of work needed. 
  • Choice of darning machines and tools used based on need.
  • Get in touch with your nearest outlet for custom requests.

If you want to know more about our darning/mending service or any other service, give us a call at 98846 59922. We’ll be glad to help you out.