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Wash & Iron

Wash & Iron

Wash & Iron services in Chennai

If you’re looking for a regular laundry service, you can opt for our wash and iron service. This service involves washing clothes in the machine using antibacterial detergents, rinsing them, drying them and ironing to make sure your clothes are fresh and clean!

Wash and Iron service is suitable for daily wear and casual clothes -including clothes that may get wrinkled. If you have a lot of synthetic fabrics or clothes that don’t require ironing, you can use our Wash and Fold service.

Regular laundry services can be great for freshening up clothes that you just don’t have time to wash by hand and iron. Many of you will know that ironing your clothes after washing has its benefits – but failing to do so can leave your loads not quite looking as good as you would like them to when you only wash them by hand. Ironing your freshly washed clothes keeps them crisp and fresh for longer.

This service is also cost-effective, and rates per kg of load start from ———

Quick Guide for Wash and Iron Services:

  • Suitable clothes: Regular / Daily wear, Casual clothes.
  • Priced in Kilograms as the volume of garments are more.
  • Machine washed and Ironed.
  • Not ideal for: Home linen, Silk, Designer wear, etc.

We don’t accept curtains, bedding, table dining cloths or other home linens, etc., under this service because they are harder to wash and may not be suitable for machine washing. The same is valid for silk/designer wear.

If you want to know more about wash and iron service or any other service, give us a call at 98846 59922. We’ll be glad to help you out.